Why I Coach!

September 24, 2017

I got asked the other day why I went into business as a nutrition coach. To be honest with you, there's not one specific reason but a multitude of them. I enjoy serving others and I have personally seen the benefits of working with a nutrition coach. I somehow feel a responsibility to give people the tools to help them live in the freedom that is their God-given right. Freedom from food, freedom from poor choices, freedom from the past, freedom to change at any point in their life. We look around and we see so much fake perfection from magazine covers to social media that can leave us feeling really empty if we allow it. I don't want to allow it and I don't want people to feel empty. 


There really is so much to learn about nutrition!! We are bombarded with constant information that we start to wonder what really IS best!?There are so many approaches that we see in this day and age as we continue to research what nutritional approach works best. The fact of the matter is that there is no "one" perfect approach. Risen Nutrition was created with this exact understanding in mind. It would be irresponsible to say that one way works for every single person on the planet because the reality is that it just doesn't.




A lot of times, I'll get questions from people that asked me "so how does your nutrition coaching work?" The best answer I can give them is that every person is individual and unique which creates specific coaching needs so I tailor my coaching to meeting them where they are. Some people really prioritize fitness and performance and they may even be training for competition. Other people want to eat as clean as possible and prioritize cooking all meals and eating whole foods. Some of us have food allergies or sensitivities that cause us to have to follow a Paleo, gluten free or dairy free approach. Some people want to fuel for endurance events like triathlons, cycling, or long-distance running events because participating in those events are part of who they are. Others simply want accountability, learn about portion sizes and learn the basics about how to meal prep and begin a fitness routine. Some people want the consistency and security of Macros while others nearly faint at the idea of weighing and tracking their food. Do you see where I am going here? 


We also have to consider things like age, gender, activity or fitness level, current fitness schedule, dieting history, hormones, health concerns, metabolic condition, goals, nutritional deficiencies, stress levels, lifestyle and various other factors. Initially, this will be collected from you to give us a starting point. This is important information and this is also why more times than not, a generic template from an online resource may not be the best way to go. It may be a good starting point for some but it simply cannot consider this data and this is the information that will provide you great variances from person to person. 


True nutrition coaching is not a one stop shop. It's an ebb and flow that begins with a valid starting point based on data that is collected and we make adjustments as your body responds and as your goals shift and change. This is the cool part of my job but also the most challenging for my clients. As a coach, I love to work through the process and see how every body responds to making changes. As a client, they want change and they want it now!!! More than likely it will not work that way. Patience is a major key in obtaining long term success and believe me, it is always worth it. Taking hold of the fact that this is a process gives us the freedom of knowing that we can always get it right tomorrow. The days that we fudge up, overeat, miss our workout or end up sick, we can have perspective that we can get it right the next day or next week and that is freedom! 


I take what I do seriously because it matters. Why? When we seek answers to improve what we fuel our bodies with then take that and implement it at a sustainable pace, amazing things begin to happen. We start to not only feel better and look better, but we begin to see the possibilities in life. I have seen it time and time again and have experienced it myself! The connection that occurs between a healthy relationship with our food and living our greatest lives possible cannot be overlooked. Embrace the journey, have peace in the process and know that you are capable of great things. 



Stay Wild.




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