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September 20, 2017

I tend to write either REALLY lighthearted or REALLY deep rooted. While I would like to say that I have given up the life of extremes, that would be a lie! I simply adhere to a milder version of this ;-) However, you have been warned. Lighthearted is in the foreseeable future. Today, for my first post I want to share a deeper truth I have come to learn. But listen, we are going to have fun, learn all sorts of stuff, talk a lot about food, think about what nourishes us beyond food, maybe face some hard truths, become better versions of ourselves all while taking it seriously yet not seriously at all........ Does that sound good??? Good, let's get to it then!



I recently turned 40. In the beginning of the year, I planned an epic adventure and continued to dream of building Risen Nutrition! There we're a lot of unknowns with this step of faith but what I needed was a few of the simple foundational pieces laid. What I have learned in my 40 years, or more likely, the last 6 years, was that in order to even have a glimmer of hope at succeeding, we have to be willing to take chances. I know, I know, we have all heard that before, right?! There is a catch though, a slight difference in this process on stepping out in faith: it requires trust. When God places a dream, a passion, a desire that is deep rooted into the fiber of our existence, it cannot be extinguished with fear, insecurity, doubt, adversity or lies from the enemy. Sure, it may slow you down, you may throw in the towel several times, pack up the dream in a box and put it in your closet, and you may even walk away for a week...... a month.....a decade....... But I am certain that when God calls our name to add value to His world, He does NOT give up on us and will continually make a way.









This is the story of Risen Nutrition. It is a good story, it is my story and likely, maybe even your story. It is birthed from trial and error, excitement and disappointment, pain and joy, desire and complacency, experience and naivety, hope and devastation. Yet through it all, God has given me a spirit to RISE. For Risen Nutrition to serve it's ultimate purpose, it needed all these elements and more. I could have rushed it and sort of did (more on that another time) in some ways. Through blogging, I want to share what Risen means to me and I hope comes to mean to you. It is a way of life, it is not a destination. Yes, Risen Nutrition IS a Nutrition company and we will discuss all things Nutrition! (I can't WAIT) But the reality is, we did not get to a place where we need a nutrition coach, support or guidance because we just don't want to go to the gym. It is much deeper and if I ask YOU to dig deep, I also will dig deeper. There is so much beauty in us all. 


The truth is, God placed Risen in my hands not because I am qualified but because I am willing. I am willing to encourage others and walk along side them. I am willing to not have all the answers and always be on the path of higher learning. I am willing to continue to put myself in the discomfort zone in my adventure and fitness to continually test myself. I am willing to pour in the time and effort to build this with my own 2 hands not having any clue of the future of it. I am willing to type these words that flow to my mind to reach someone even if what I think what I am writing is not "deep enough". I am willing to earn the income that He sees fit, not what I deem as necessary. I am willing to trust that He has great things for this company and I merely am asked to be faithful to it and trust what He does with it.


The cooler part of this is that my family is also willing. My husband is willing to let me pursue my dream. He is willing to become a one income household for the time being as God uses me to build Risen. He and my son are willing to let the laundry and dishes stack a bit higher than usual as I spend weeks and months building a website, marketing, getting licensed, studying and taking on new clients. They both are willing to accept leftovers more nights a week than freshly prepared meals. They are willing to let me be me. Risen is an extension of who I am and they support it. They are willing to let me be who I am to serve others not just them. They are selfless in this area and I love them for it. 


My challenge to you is simple. Be willing. 

Willing to drink more water!

Willing to take eat more whole foods!

Willing to learn a new approach to exercise!

Willing to eat a little less fast food!

Willing to prioritize recovery!

Willing to find a way to get more sleep!

Willing to set goals!

Willing to take on one change at a time!

Willing to meal prep or track your food!

Willing to share your struggles so to lift others up!

Willing to seek adventure!

Willing to fail!

Willing to shine!

Willing to be yourself!

Willing to be ok with NOT BEING PERFECT!

Willing to be Coached!


Start with an attitude of willingness. It will serve you well.




This story is personal. This blog will be personal. I am not fully equipped at, really, anything...... As a wife, a mother, a Christ follower, a Nutrition Coach, a hiker. But I will give you the best I have to offer. In my Coaching. In my blogging. In my content and articles. In my support and encouragement. In my belief in you. 


So it is with a willing heart that I will continue to choose to rise to the life I am intended to live and I am so excited to have you join me!!!


Stay Wild,


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