I truly believe that a habit based approach gives my clients the greatest chance at long term change and lasting results. I also find it of top importance to have an initial consultation to determine if my approach works best for you. My approach is not the best fit for everyone so please contact me to set up that consult! Ultimately, I want you to have true long term success, with or without me. Upon entering my program and initial intake process, you will begin to receive "habits".  Every 2 weeks from then, you will receive a new habit that you will focus on implementing into your daily life. These small habits build over time to create a solid foundation. We will check in weekly via phone/Skype/Video chat which gives us time to tackle any deeper challenges you are having, any successes we can celebrate, setting goals, making needed adjustments, tackle questions you need answered or just talking about how your week or month is going. I am YOUR coach and will gladly help in any way I can. In addition, email access support and valuable information provided weekly also adds to progress!


My program is a designed for a minimum commitment of 4 months. What I have come to learn is that in order to sustain long term change we need to work on these habits, behaviors and patterns as well as have support for longer than a month or two. In addition, I offer strength training programs to compliment your nutrition program if you determine this is an appropriate time for you to add this style of training to your routine as I believe whole heartedly in weight training for various reasons. My fees vary slightly so please contact me to set up a free consult call. 

The truth is, there is NO quick fix. There also are no meal plans or foods I tell you are off limits. This is YOUR life and YOUR journey.  We all have (or should have) non-negotiable's. If you tell me it is important for you to have dinner out with your family each week, then you can! If you need guidance on an elimination diet, I got you! If you want the structure of a Macro program, then I will gladly offer that to you! If your top priority is a whole foods lifestyle and intuitive eating, then that's what you will do! Every client I work with is an individual and coached as such.. I am not here to place restrictions on you and expect you to follow a program that you cannot see yourself doing for the rest of your life. It just doesn't make any sense. The goal is to guide, lead, show, support and educate you to find your healthy balance to nutrition because we all have other things to worry about, right!??! The vast majority of my clients have spent the past 10,20,30 years trying the quick fixes repeatedly only to find out it really does not work. I will not be a part of perpetuating that cycle. My program will not get to fast results but over time, it will get you sustained results. 

One on One Coaching

Group Training

Throughout the year I will do fun, foundational and helpful group training's! These are typically 4-12 weeks in duration. This is different than One on One training as we take a whole group approach and do not dive nearly as deep as individual training with me. However, these groups provide awesome information and great group support!! I personally love doing them! We utilize a private Facebook group with Q&A sessions, video and written content and the support from me and your fellow group members, We will discuss topics like goal setting, simple everyday habits to begin to implement, the benefit of exercise, mindset shift and identifying our limiting factors and how to work with or around them to find SUSTAINABLE change. The goal and focus of these groups are not to simply loose weight or inches but rather to provide sound principles that we can start to implement as we take a look at the whole person and what is holding us back from true change. These group training's are first come first serve and typically fill up quickly as I only allow a certain amount of spots. Please feel free to email me anytime to see when my next session is beginning!!

What my Program is NOT

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