October 6, 2017

This is me. This is Geoff. Geoff likes to run. He likes to run A LOT. Like, hundreds of miles at a time or something. I think he runs 1/2 Marathons as a warm up. He once ran from Tucson to Phoenix. That would be 100 miles. Actually I think it is 101 miles and yes that last mile counts. In fact, he likes running SO much that he makes a living teaching people how to run. So when I wanted to be like Geoff and love the run again (because I used to) I called in the big guns. We scheduled a 0530am easy run the very next morning (I told you Geoff likes to run), invited a few friends, ran 5 miles and went home. It got me to thinking why I desired to love the run again, why I like to continually change my training modality and never real...

September 24, 2017

I got asked the other day why I went into business as a nutrition coach. To be honest with you, there's not one specific reason but a multitude of them. I enjoy serving others and I have personally seen the benefits of working with a nutrition coach. I somehow feel a responsibility to give people the tools to help them live in the freedom that is their God-given right. Freedom from food, freedom from poor choices, freedom from the past, freedom to change at any point in their life. We look around and we see so much fake perfection from magazine covers to social media that can leave us feeling really empty if we allow it. I don't want to allow it and I don't want people to feel empty. 

There really is so much to learn ab...

September 20, 2017

I tend to write either REALLY lighthearted or REALLY deep rooted. While I would like to say that I have given up the life of extremes, that would be a lie! I simply adhere to a milder version of this ;-) However, you have been warned. Lighthearted is in the foreseeable future. Today, for my first post I want to share a deeper truth I have come to learn. But listen, we are going to have fun, learn all sorts of stuff, talk a lot about food, think about what nourishes us beyond food, maybe face some hard truths, become better versions of ourselves all while taking it seriously yet not seriously at all........ Does that sound good??? Good, let's get to it then!

I recently turned 40. In the beginning of the year, I planned an epi...

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